The SPtv Recognition of Achievements

The Spiritual Psychics TV Online Recognition of Achievement, acknowledging those who deserved to be acknowledged by the public for their work with spirit without ego or greed.

Voting in Progress

From 01 Jan, 2022 - 27 May, 2022


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Best Spiritualist Medium

26 - Candidates

Vote for the medium who you feel offers the best evidence when demonstrating their ability.

Best Physical Medium

7 - Candidates

This section is to vote for those who offer such abilities such as Trance and Transfiguration etc.

Best Up and Coming Medium

10 - Candidates

For those who offer great evidence and has only been working in the public for less than two years.

Best Healer

3 - Candidates

Vote for the Healer who you feel helps many people/animals with Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Meditation, and other types of healing etc.

Best Mentor and Teacher

15 - Candidates

Vote for those who you feel offer the best teaching and mentorship with your spiritual growth.

Best Spiritual Author

3 - Candidates

This can be someone who has written a book, a poem or other inspired writings.

Best Spiritual Reader

13 - Candidates

You can vote for those who offer Tarot Readings, Oracle, Palmistry, Runes, Astrology, Ribbons and other divinations tools.

Best Spiritual Artist

3 - Candidates

Vote for your favourite Psychic Artist whose work can be accepted and the detailed of the drawing is not similar to their other work.

Best Spiritualist Church/Centre

4 - Candidates

This can be an independent Church or part of an organisation, or a spiritual centre.

Best Spiritual TV Show

13 - Candidates

You can vote for any online or TV show that broadcasts mediumship/readings for free.

Best TV Presenter(s)

11 - Candidates

This can be online or in person presenter(s) to do with a spiritual broadcast.

Lifetime Achievement

3 - Candidates

Who do you feel deserves to be recognised for their hard work with over 20 years within a spiritualist community.

Best Individual within a Spiritual Community

9 - Candidates

Who do you feel deserves to be recognised for their work within a spiritualist community.