Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church

A small, friendly Church working in Love & Light

About the Candidate

Founded in 1933, Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church is a small, friendly, independent Church on Bread and Cheese Hill in Benfleet, promoting a Spiritual way of life.  Everyone is welcome at our Services and events in love and light.

How they help their Community

We host regular in-Church events for Mind, Body & Spirit including:

  • Divine Service on a Sunday,
  • Holy Communion,
  • Evenings of Clairvoyance,
  • Yoga,
  • Gong Baths,
  • Drumming,
  • Workshops,
  • Circles, 
  • Coffee Mornings

Since the pandemic we have also started working online including:

  • Online Church Service,
  • Healing Prayers,
  • Philosophy & Discussions,
  • Moon Journey Meditation Subscription, 

We also support the local community through donations to charities including:

  • Shelter - Southend's Homeless Charity,
  • Local Dogs Shelter,

And of course we are there for all the important family events such as:

  • Weddings, Civil Partnerships & Blessings,
  • Christenings, Naming Ceremonies,
  • Funerals, Memorials.

Why should they be voted for

Like many small, independent Churches, closing the doors during the pandemic meant that the only form of income (collections) disappeared completely, but the bills didn’t! 

The Team at Thundersley have done an excellent job adapting to the situation, embracing online opportunities as well are reopening the Church safely.

It would be so lovely for the Trustees, Committee, Helpers, Congregation and everyone who contributes the the Church community, (both online and offline), to be recognised for their hard work. 

So please vote for us!

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